The Clientele List (ii)

The Clientele List is a publication as part of Publication Exhibition ‘Extra, Extra!’ at Stanley Picker Gallery.

A publication of 23 pages created with an element of humour.  This publication is made to be accompanied by a film available to watch via Vimeo.

Influenced by slow cinema, a purposely monotonous film with a lighthearted approach and attempted deadpan humour, looks at the life of an artist. On a surface level very boring but it is a deeper analysis into what can be seen as tragic, mentally & physically draining for oneself.

Exploring the themes of repetition and time through moving image. Seeking to anticipate changes but we’re stuck in this cyclical nature, buried in time, working everyday in the same environment.

An insight into the frustrations one has when working within the creative industry. Although personal, phrases and sayings have been generalised, aiming for a universal understanding or relation to this publication.

Select few pages from ‘The Clientele List’ publication.