circa. zine
The feeling of nostalgia is given life by symbols, by an object or a feeling, or something that represents a moment past. These symbols are a reminder of the linearity of time, and they signify something that cannot be recaptured, something familiar and safe. These symbols represent transition.

A recognition of absense. What we once had or felt is no longer. The symbols we see are reminding us what we have lost and it provides us with the moment that we have once again.

Memories collated together illustrating this autobiographical nonsense that is childhood. In the form of a photo album I look to recapture what was once lost or forgotten. To relive these past experiences.

Looking back at the things that I was once surrounded by and grown up with. This becomes the closest thing to have and hold onto. This is my photo album. Using this book as a space to understand the images as material evidence of forgotten memories, unlocking the nostalgia.

Each image holds significance, they are a presentation of parts of childhood. Responding to most through words to narrate a story of once upon a time. Attempting to adopt a dadaist approach to commenting on the autobiographic nonsense.

I cannot claim to know one’s childhood upbringing or say that we have lived the same lives. circa.chilldhood is a product of me, memories that I have known and remembered.

Select few spreads from ‘circa.childhood.’

Publication is currently available. please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a copy.